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A full-proof, four-step daily cleansing and moisturizing routine for all skin types

A full-proof, four-step daily cleansing and moisturizing routine  for all skin types

Our Dermophisiologique skin experts often get questions concerning what’s the best daily routine for aging skin – or skin of all types, across all climate zones. Of course, there is no one skincare solution to suit all skin types, external environments and dermatological concerns, however we asked our expert team to recommend a “one-routine-that-fits-most” scenario for our readers. When in doubt as to which all-natural, bio-friendly products might work best for you, we suggest starting with this 4-step routine and customizing your own routine from there, based on your own skin perfection goals.

1] Cleansing is key

You may be tempted to skip this step or just wash your face in the shower with body soap purchased from the drug store. Detergent-based soaps can often be too harsh and dehydrating to your skin and can leave a film residue which creates a barrier to allowing more nourishing products to fully absorb into the skin. For this reason, we recommend a twice-daily cleansing routine using Aqualife Multi-Active Face Cleanser.It is a soothing, hydrating, soap-free face wash that effectively removes impurities and moisturizes your skin. This popular Dermo-pH facial cleanser is considered by experts to be one of the best facial cleansers available for oily skin. It is ideally formulated for dehydrated skin but is also effective for all skin types and skin tones.

2] Don’t forget to take your vitamins!

 After your gentle cleansing routine, the next step to reaching your skin perfection goals is to boost and stimulate your skin’s metabolism. For this step, our skin experts have two suggestions which you can use independently or layer on together for extra nourishment and cell renewal:

  • Vita C Serum (+ Hyaluronic Acid) is a soft textured, quick absorption serum that is drenched in Vitamin C. Its potent properties quickly pass through the outer layers of the epidermis to deliver antioxidant benefits efficiently and effectively to the inner layers of skin. Dermo-pH’s Vita C Serum provides a powerful defense against aging skin and the loss of muscle tone, making the skin more hydrated and elastic as one ages.
  • Dermo-pH’s vitamin rich Vita A Active Face Serum with 2% Bio-Retinol is a liquid crystal serum that acts as an epidermal renewal agent that helps to stimulate cell turnover and improve the thickness of the skin, resulting in more luminous and elastic looking skin.

3] Repair & Moisturize

Now that your skin is clean and drenched with vitamins, it’s time to reward and repair it with Chrono Age® Repair Face Cream – one of the industry’s best moisturizers and anti-aging creams available for face and neck. It is produced with an exclusive formula designed to optimize cellular repair and regulate the skin’s aging functions by boosting its natural defenses. Chrono Age® Repair Face Cream has been proven to prevent wrinkles, hydrate skin and reduce the pigmentation and redness that is often caused by environmental triggers.

4] Get Ready for your Close-up

The final step before applying makeup (if indeed you even wear makeup these days! With more radiant skin, you may not want to cover it up…) or stepping out to face the world is smoothing out your complexion and evening your skin tone. Dermo-pH’s Chrono Age® Urban Base Coloured SPF 20 is fragrance-free and preservatives-free and is ideal as a makeup primer to smooth out and even skin tone and protect the skin against external agents such as pollution, fine dust and UV rays. It has a light-to-medium tint of color and blends in perfectly across diverse complexion shades to better even out all skin tones.

Our Promise to You

In keeping with our B-Corp certification status, all Dermo-pH products contain NO mineral oils, NO petroleum derivatives, NO synthetic dyes, NO added parabens, NO allergic scents and are alcohol-free and cruelty-free.