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Baby, it’s Cold Outside! Prepare your skin like you would prepare your outerwear for winter’s drier, colder air

For those of us who live in colder climates, we need to think about the effects of the weather each time we get dressed in the morning and step out our front door. Is it a good day for boots? Will I need a hat and gloves? Where is my warmest scarf? As the mercury falls, the cold winds start blowing and our heaters kick on, we also need to give the same daily consideration that we give to our outerwear to the health and hydration factor of our skin, especially the thinner skin on our face, lips and hands. If we don’t, we risk the unnecessary unpleasantness of having chapped, dry, brittle or rough skin.

Certainly, there are a few things we can do daily to help reduce the discomfort of extremely dry skin. For one, using a gentle face and body cleanser and being extra careful to dab the skin instead of rubbing it harshly will help minimize red, rough skin. Drinking plenty of water and following a diet rich in vitamins can also help to keep your entire body hydrated. However, to be 100% hydrated during winter’s coldest months, your face, body, lips and hands need some additional gentle-but-effective emollients.

Dermophisiologique to the rescue!

Thankfully, Dermophisiologique’s skin experts in Italy have developed a suite of all-natural and deeply penetrating moisturizing products so you can enjoy the luxury of having smooth, soft and radiant skin, especially during the winter months.

Here is the Dermo-pH skin experts’ hydration survival list to protect your hands, lips and face this winter. They recommend:

  • Maniderm for your hands, with extract of shea butter and sweet almond oil. After each application, the skin is left irresistibly soft, hydrated and silky smooth, without that annoying greasy feeling.
  • Hydra Lip SPF15 for your lips. This daily moisturizing treatment puts an end to dryness and cracking, and nourishes the lips, while simultaneously softly coating them to protect lips against the wind, cold and ultraviolet rays.
  • Nutricare Nourishing Face Cream is the perfect solution for very dry or dehydrated skin on the face and neck and is suitable for all skin types. Experts agree Nutricare is the best face cream available for alipic (or very dry) skin and provides intensive moisturizing action for 24 hours without leaving your skin shiny or greasy.
  • Line Control C5 Face Cream, designed for more mature skin, is a plumping, ultra- nourishing treatment containing Cyclopeptide-5 which has proven line filling, cell restructuring and fortifying action. Thanks to its exclusive formulation and a high peptide concentration that works in synergy with Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, Ceramides and the antioxidant Vitamin A, Line Control C5 Face Cream promotes the natural regeneration of the skin, boosting its compactness and elasticity.

With this seasonal hydration survival kit at your fingertips, you will find yourself better able to handle winter’s shorter days and colder temps. Just don’t forget your mittens and drink plenty of water!