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“Out, damned spot!” Was Lady MacBeth referring to her guilt or her aging spots?

Dissecting Hypermelanosis and Melanogenesis

Hypermelanosis is the name that skin experts give to discolorations of the skin, more commonly known as aging spots. Brownish spots on the surface of the skin are a normal consequence of aging for both men and women due to a malfunction (or change) in melanin levels. Melanin refers to the group of natural pigments in most organisms and is the most dominant skin pigmentation agent that humans have. Importantly, it also provides protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Melanogenesis, by definition, is the production of the melanin pigments produced by cells called melanocytes.

There are many causes that can lead to a change in melanin cellular activity or synthesis which can result in the formation of darker spots and other discolorations on the skin’s surface. These triggers can include hormonal changes such as those that naturally occur during pregnancy or menopause, excessive or prolonged sun exposure, the natural effects of aging on skin, or the use of photo-sensitizing drugs or chemicals.

In nearly every case, these spots cannot disappear with just a single topical treatment, such as applying an abrasive exfoliant or peeling treatment, which can eliminate the superficial imperfection temporarily but does not treat or correct the origin of the skin condition. It is therefore important to adopt preventive measures on a daily basis that stop the appearance of aging spots, or at least avoid their eventual deepening and spreading.

Dermo-pH has developed a 3-step program to diminish or erase aging spots

The skin experts at Dermophisiologique have formulated Chrono Age® White, a plant-based, deep-penetrating product line that delivers a brightening action and has been proven effective in diminishing aging spots across all skin tones and skin types.

Chrono Age® White’s innovative formulation includes active ingredients (which are present in very high concentrations, up to 20%) combined with naturally derived acids and the Vitamin A-C-E complex. Together these ingredients work to diminish established brown spots and reduce the formation of new ones – while evening out skin tones and promoting cell renewal.

Dermo-pH Chrono Age® White product line includes three dermatologically- tested and scientifically-proven-effective products: Skin Photocontrol Serum, Skin Photoblock SPF30 and Skin Normalizer Cream. A team of skin experts, based in the Dermophisiologique laboratory in Italy, recommends layering each product two times daily following this routine to combat the effects of hyperpigmentation:

  1. Apply Chrono Age® White Skin Photocontrol Serum directly on dark spots for localized action, morning and night before applying Skin Normalizer face cream
  2. Apply Chrono Age® White Skin Photoblock SPF30 on cleansed face, layered over Skin Photo Control Serum, each morning to protect the entire face and décolletage from daytime sun exposure
  3. Apply Chrono Age® White Skin Normalizer Cream each night, on cleansed face, layered over Skin Photo Control Serum.

Dermo-pH’s expert dermatologists also recommend applying Chrono Age® White Skin Photoblock SPF30 as a calming and restorative treatment following any dermo-abrasive treatments and to shield against further UVB/UVA sun damage.

The daily use of Chrono Age® White products delivers a proven and effective defense against age spots and prevents future hyperpigmentation damage by ultraviolet rays, leaving your skin luminous and brightened, with a more balanced skin tone. Now what could be better than that?