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Sending an SOS to sensitive skin: Put a stop to itching, redness and irritation

Sending an SOS to sensitive skin: Put a stop to itching, redness and irritation

Does your skin feel tight and itchy? Is it red and rough? Do you have the classic diffused redness of rosacea? Has coping with erythema caused by psoriasis become a daily concern?

Skin experts and novices alike know it is not easy to treat sensitive skin, especially during the cold months. At times it may seem like a Sisyphean task, but this is not actually true: the secret lies in understanding why your skin reacts this way so that you can put into practice the most effective strategies of daily care.  This is the only way you can stop irritating your skin and prevent harmful reactions to external stimuli.

So why does skin become so irritable?

There are many reasons for this: some are genetically-based, that is, when our DNA produces skin with an imbalance in hydrolipid film, or we have a thin stratum corneum, or our bodies produce an inadequate amount of intercorneocyte cement, all of which can result in imperfect or hypersensitive skin. Alternatively, we might have seborrhoeic (or scaly) skin, where excessive production of sebum results in a net reduction of the skin's natural moisturizing defenses.

Oftentimes, as well, our skin reacts to external factors, such as excessively dry weather or air conditioning, harsh chemicals and synthetics that are found in many store-bought soaps and cosmetics, lack of hydration and too much sun – the list goes on and on.

What can we do to combat these affects?

The answer is really very simple. Treat your sensitive skin like you would treat a dear friend in need: with gentleness and respect. These are the best two guiding words that we can think of for the correct treatment of sensitive skin: 1] use gentle cleansing products that do not abuse your skin with harsh soaps or alcohol, and 2] gravitate toward all-natural products that respect your skin, whilst also respecting the planet.

Sensiderm to the rescue

Dermophisiologique offers you Sensiderm, a full line of sensitive skin products for the face and body that are nickel-tested and PEG-free (no polyethylene glycol), and are rich with active, plant-based ingredients to stimulate and strengthen the skin's protective barrier in a natural way:

  • Ribes Nigrum oil, an anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory agent,
  • natural ceramides to boost the production of intercorneocyte cement,
  • 18β-Glycyrrhetinic Acid, which is anti-inflammatory, soothing and scar reducing, and
  • Aloe, which is perfect for combatting itchiness and redness.

Daily use of Dermo-pH’s Sensiderm face and beauty products for sensitive skin has been proven to strengthen skin, reduce redness, soothe itchiness, and lessen the visible effects seborrhoeic skin, such as rosacea and scaling.