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The Eyes Have It Lines, puffiness and dark circles, Oh my!

The Eyes Have It Lines, puffiness and dark circles, Oh my!

As we quickly find out when we’re observing the early signs of aging in the mirror, the thin, sensitive skin surrounding the eyes and lips tends to age more quickly than in other areas.  Dr. Caroline Redealli, Dermophisiologique’s Founder and Director of Research & Development, explains why and how to protect your delicate skin as you age.

“The skin surrounding the eyes and lips tends to age more quickly than in other areas of the face since it is much more delicate and subject to continuous movement caused by constant changes in facial expression,” Dr. Redealli explains. “Low epidermal defenses make this skin particularly sensitive and easily affected by external irritants (wind, cold dry air, the sun) which can lead to various skin problems. Lines, puffiness and dark circles are some of the most common problems confronting both men and women in the area around the eyes.”

Let’s examine what lies behind these skin concerns, and how you can combat or slow down this diminishing effect by implementing the most effective all-natural skincare products and optimize your daily anti-aging routine.


Lines look like permanent linear furrows in the skin. These can vary in number and depth depending on your age and lifestyle. They can be classified as expression lines, also called “crow's feet” around the eyes, or “lipstick lines” around the lips, which form as the result of repeated contraction of the Mimic muscles and they tend to get deeper over time. Then there are gravity lines, typically caused by chrono-aging (or “the march of time”), when the underlying structures supporting the skin start to sag. Adding to this (for sun worshippers or those in warm, sunny climates), can be deepening Actinic lines which are the result too much sun exposure on the skin.

Bags under the eyes

Bags under the eyes are greyish blue shadow-like marks which are formed by the slowing down of micro-circulation in the lymphatic and/or venous (or vein) section of the lower eye area. As a result, fluid and blood builds up and deposit darkening pigments under the skin, producing smudge-like marks under the eyes and giving one a look of fatigue or exhaustion.


Puffy eyes are caused by excessive water retention in the eye area and by a weakening of the tissues surrounding the eye muscles that support the eyelids. As the years go by, the tissues and muscles near our eyes get weaker, the skin tends to sag, and the fatty tissue that is normally supporting the eye area begins to slip down, under the eye, leading to a build-up of fluids which can cause classic eye-puffiness.

To help prevent these common beauty concerns in the eye and lip areas one must pay extra special attention to hydrating the skin and replenishing cells in these regions. Understanding the importance of this region of the face, the skin experts at Dermophisiologique have recently boosted the formulations of its highly-regarded Optyma line, adding new skin friendly active principles that are functional and patented. These new active ingredients include TRI-SOLVE® and Symcalmin®, which have been tested over and over again to be effective[1]  with diminishing fine lines, sagging skin and puffy eyes when used as part of your daily or nightly skincare routine.

Optyma Anti-Aging Cream, with its “cosmetic lifting effect” and an even lighter texture than before, is quickly absorbed, making it ideal for treating most skin imperfections around the eyes, such as sagging, puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles andexpression lines. Applied morning and night, it is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins and also for wearers of contact lenses.

Dermatologically tested. Micro-biologically tested. Opthalmologically tested.

Optyma Cream Mask has a smooth, velvety finish and provides immediate relief for tired, stressed skin in the eye and lip areas. It is recommended that a weekly treatment helps relax and soothe any redness and irritation in the eye and lip areas. Directions: Apply gently to cleansed skin and leave on for 10 minutes, once per week. The Optyma Cream Mask will absorb into skin and does not need to be rinsed off.