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Did you know that 92% of the world’s population reside in places where the concentrations of environmental pollutants exceed the annual limit established by the WHO (World Health Organization) to combat gaseous nitrogen dioxide, (annual limit = 10 μg / m3)? 

When it comes to pollution, we usually think of smog and gaseous emissions from cars and carbon-heavy industries, but it is important to remember that, in addition to external pollutants, there is another form of pollution that literally hits us closer to home: internal pollutants. Internal pollution is emitted constantly throughout the day by factors out of our control, such as second-hand cigarette smoke, cooking & heating gas emissions, household cleaning products, dust, animal hair and blue light ( i.e. the radiation generated by electronic and digital devices such as monitors, tablets, smartphones and PCs) that all must be somehow absorbed by our bodies and the environment around us and can have a damaging affect our health and wellbeing.

The skin, the largest organ in the body, certainly performs as a natural and critical absorption buffer and is our main external defense against UV rays and environmental pollutants. The combined effects of UV rays and other pollutants alter the skin’s physiological barrier, helping to significantly accelerate the symptoms of skin aging. Together these polluting factors increase oxidative stress with a greater production of free radicals and decrease collagen and elastin levels resulting in the consequent loss of skin tone, firmness and elasticity. In addition, when not properly treated, skin alterations such as hyperpigmentation, eczema, allergies and contact dermatitis may arise from lack of pollution prevention techniques.

The Chrono Age® Cellular Repair System Line developed by Dermophisiologique is the perfect solution to protect your skin from these harmful irritants. Thanks to a careful combination of active ingredients, Chrono Age® Cellular Repair System restores and protects the skin, while guaranteeing a more luminous appearance.

These three easy steps will help ensure you’re protecting your skin against internal and external pollutants as you navigate through your busy day.

Step 1: Apply Chrono Age® Repairing Face Cream to cleansed face. Chrono Age’s emulsion is infused with antioxidant and revitalizing action to stimulate your cellular metabolism.

Step 2: Next apply Chrono Age® URBAN BASE Face SPF20. Thanks to Dermo-pH’s exclusive 4UV-Defense ™ sunscreen system, your skin is guaranteed a daily defense from UV rays, while KEL -3 Complex™ creates an effective barrier against atmospheric pollution, simultaneously minimizing imperfections, fine lines and enlarged pores.

Step 3: Finally, once a week, apply Chrono Repair Mask, Dermo-pH’s new innovative face mask which is developed from Biocellulose soaked in a serum to give your skin an effective shielding, illuminating and anti-aging action. This mask’s exclusive formula contains the revolutionary active ingredient Pollustop®, a polysaccharide capable of acting as a "shield,” protecting the skin from the harmful affects of atmospheric pollutants.

Consider Chrono Age® Cellular Repair System and these three easy steps to be your own personal shield against everyday stressors and pollutants as you face the world each morning!