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Our Philosophy

The fundamental philosophy that drives Dermophisiologique’s team of dermo-cosmetic scientists to constantly innovate and deliver exceptional products is based on a deep scientific understanding of 1] how the skin reacts molecularly to active and plant-based ingredients, and 2] how to deliver those ingredients in a way that does not harm or irritate the skin, but rather encourages organic skin cell renewal, regardless of skin type.

Dermo-pH’s use of nanotechnology techniques allows for a higher concentration of active ingredients that can penetrate the skin’s layers more deeply and with better precision. By combining our holistic understanding of the skin’s molecular makeup with ingredients that are derived from nature – in expert formulations and unique pairings – we have proven successful at stimulating the skin’s cells to be healthier and organically renew themselves, in spite of competing external factors, such as sun, wind, environmental damage and normal aging, that are constantly fighting against them.