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Our Promise

Dermo-pH - Our Promise

With nearly 30 years’ experience, our physician-formulated skin care line holds over seven international patents, with over 150 exclusive formulations to its credits. Only using the best in methods, delivery systems and ingredients, we are a leader in proven and advanced skin care science formulations and a proud supporter of University Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Research. Our products are fragrance free so that we may seamlessly address every age group’s specific skin care requirement. Our number one priority has always been to respect and never damage the physiology of the skin or the body beneath it, in order to achieve true and lasting results. 


Dermophisiologique’s packaging is made from recyclable, raw materials from forests cultivated and managed according to environmental friendly criteria. Our products do not use artificial coloring. We ensure 100% purity of all substances used. Dermophisiologique ONLY uses oils having over a 99% vegetable oil base, extracts with 100% natural glycerin to preserve all soothing and nutritional properties, and essential oils extracted by either cold pressing of rinds and peels, or by using water distillation.

Dermophisiologique is extremely conscientious that all raw material extraction processes are environmentally friendly.