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About us

Dermophisiologique is at the forefront of next generation skincare. Continuously innovated by Dr. Carolina Redaelli since 1998, Dermophisiologique has made huge advancements in the dermatological skincare industry over the last 15 years. The technology behind our signature line of skincare products has been developed by our team over time and contains more than 10 international patents and over 150 exclusive formulations to its credits. All of our creams and cleansers are made in Italy and abide by the most stringent and protective European health laws. To put it simply, we go above and beyond any requirements set so that we can provide superior quality care to our customers. Providing the latest and greatest products for skin care to our customers is truly our passion. We strive to provide you with “Excellence Through Quality”.
There are many factors that make the quality of our products so superb. For example, everything that we produce is free of mineral oils, parabens, and artificial coloring. All of our fragrances are hypoallergenic. And, our Optyma eye cream contains absolutely no nickel. We know just how sensitive the skin of the face can be, so it is our #1 priority to provide the safest products possible while still providing the most effective line of creams and cleansers. Products like our repairing and anti-aging creams are guaranteed to bring back the feel of your youthful skin, and our chrono age face cream and three in one cleanser will help provide the vibrancy that you want in no time. So if you’re looking to get younger, healthier looking skin, be sure to check out the rest of our line and shop Dermophisiologique.