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About Dermo-pH

Dermophisologique, aka Dermo-pH, is a scientifically-based, innovative and all-natural skincare solution that is made entirely in Italy by a team of dermatologists and physicians led by Dr. Carolina Redaelli. The company holds seven international patents and has developed more than 150 exclusive formulations that are in accordance with the most stringent of European regulations.

For more than 25 years, Dermo-pH has been a global pioneer in the field of earth-friendly, clean, cruelty-free skincare. Our sustainable skincare products are hypoallergenic, and free of mineral oils, parabens, fragrances, synthetic dyes and artificial coloring. Our packaging is made from recyclable and raw materials. We are proud to be named the first B-Corp Certified skincare company manufacturing in the world today; a widely respected certification which is further proof that Dermo-pH adheres to the most rigorous standards of transparency, sustainability and accountability with regards to both our product line and our design, manufacturing and laboratory practices.

Dermo-pH’s sustainable cleansing, anti-aging, repairing and moisture-boosting products are beloved by skin care aficionados and experts all over the world. As our customers will tell you, our commitment to providing superior customer service sets us apart from the rest.

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