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Meet the Doctor


Carolina Redaelli, is the Physician and innovator behind Dermophisiologique since 1998. After receiving her Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery at University of Milan, she did a residency for three years at the Dermatology Clinic of University of Milan, specializing in Dermatology. She completed four years at the postgraduate course "Expert and Consultant in Aesthetic Medicine" at the school of aesthetic medicine Agora' of Milan.

Academic Career: Her academic career started in 1989 when she taught for eight  years at the CIAS School in Como: "Course for the three-year Diploma in Aesthetics". From 1998 she lecturered for the scientific and medical training at "Ecole Dynamique", a four-year master for qualified aestheticians. From September to December 2007, she was a university lecturer in the course of Dermocosmetic for Pharmacists of Malpensa and a speaker at the III International Course in Dermatology, University of Pisa.

Professional experience: She has worked as a doctor in hospitals, and is now a freelance researcher in the dermocosmetic field. She owns seven patents of molecules for products of topical use. Currently, she's the Director of Research and Development of Dermophisiologique, a leading company in the field of skin cosmetics.