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Meet Dr. Carolina Redaelli


Dr. Redaelli’s passion for developing clean skin care solutions for sensitive and aging skin came to her as a young woman, triggered by her amazement, respect and admiration for her own skin’s natural abilities to nourish and heal itself as she matured. From that point on, she was motivated to learn, experiment and innovate, in order to create clean, plant-based products that would boost the skin’s natural defenses while one ages.

In Dr. Redaelli’s own words, “Formulating a cosmetic skin product is for me is like creating an act of love for the skin that one can apply on a twice-daily basis. This act of love begins with our laboratory team wanting to support, fortify, and protect this incredibly receptive organ, the largest organ in the body in fact, and by infusing ingredients into each product that naturally rebuild the skin barrier within every layer.

How do we begin? For starters, when I think about anti-aging products and how we can continue to perfect them, I look through a scientist’s lens to consider the reasons why the skin produces deep and fine lines, and loses elasticity over time. I then dive deeply into what is occurring in the skin’s anatomical and physiological structure as a result of the aging process that is causing this effect. I always ask myself what is missing or what does not work? Then I choose the natural components that can help those wrinkles and deep lines to relax whilst rebuilding the cellular structure and radiance of the skin via scientifically-proven and plant-based ingredients that are both healing and appealing to the customer. Taking all of this into consideration, we are confident at Dermophisiologique we are producing the best face creams, eye creams and anti-aging serums and moisturizers available on the market today.

Nature has given us a great head start. In fact, the skin is so resilient and intelligent that it produces its own serum, a healthy acid that in the industry we call hydrolipidic film. At its very core, it is your first protective layer which supports the perfect pH balance of the skin and which every cleansing routine and nourishing face cream must respect and incorporate.

Ultimately, the Dermophisiologique products that my laboratory team and I lovingly produce for our customers essentially mimic and enhance the natural creams and pH balancing properties that the skin organically produces – only with a little help from science and a lot of experience.”

About Dr. Redaelli
Dr. Redaelli earned her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Milan and completed her residency at the University of Milan’s Dermatology Clinic. She then went on to complete her 4-year post-graduate course at Agorà School of Aesthetic Medicine in Milan. Dr. Redaelli taught dermo-cosmetic advanced courses at the CIAS School in Como for many years and has lectured to students and experts on the topic of clean dermo-cosmetics across Europe. She currently holds seven dermo-cosmetic patents in her name.

Dr. Redaelli is both the Founder and Director of Research & Development of Dermophisologique, an innovative global skincare company that is breaking new ground in the field of clean, green, plant-based dermo-cosmetic products.